Thanks for your interest in the Little Sioux Kitchen!  I’m Terri, a home cook sharing the love of food by offering handmade food items created in a Licensed Home Food Processing Establishment.  Cooking has always been something that I look forward to–menu planning, cookbook collecting, and trying out new recipes is my idea of fun!  The Little Sioux Kitchen got its name for the simple reason that cooking in a kitchen nestled by the Little Sioux River always feels like home. 

I hope you’ll be inspired to try something new in the kitchen.  There are seasonings you can use in a variety of ways or starters to help you whip something up in a hurry. You can purchase products online here and at local businesses. Little Sioux Kitchen products are currently sold at the Cherokee Locker, Home Anthology, and Oak Tree Farm and Gardens. If you see Terri on a regular basis, please email [email protected] for a free delivery coupon code.

With my photography background combined with my love of cooking, I’ve begun the slow (and fun!) process of writing a cookbook.  Stay tuned, but please don’t hold your breath…it’s quite the project!

A portion of all sales will be donated to a Local Food Pantry. Thanks again and I appreciate your support.  Happy cooking!

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